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Welcome to Guangzhou Evonowa – Your Trusted Mattress Fabrics Manufacturer Since 1995!

With 800 workers, 40000㎡ workshops, 29 years of experience, and one hour reach Guangzhou port, this is how we keep quality and competitive prices for global valued customers. We excel in high-quality mattress fabrics, including knit jacquard, tricot poly, 3D spacer mesh and more. Our strict quality control guarantees enduring support for years. At Evonowa, affordability meets excellence through strategic manufacturing and partnerships. We prioritize customer satisfaction, building lasting relationships.

Circular Knitting Plant
Welcome to our circular knitting plant, where we specialize in producing a wide range of fabrics weighing from 180g to 700g. With our extensive collection of over 400 circular knitting machines, we offer a diverse selection of color combinations to choose from. This impressive machinery allows us to achieve a daily production capacity of approximately 80,000 meters/day.

Our knitted fabric offerings include tencel, bamboo, natural fibers, and fabrics with waterproof functionality, among others. This comprehensive selection ensures that our company efficiently produces fabrics that cater to your specific demands.

Tricot Polyester Production Line
We have over 6+ complete production line for tricot polyester fabric, covering weaving, printing, rolling, and packaging. With a daily production capacity of 540,000 meters, we are able to maintain excellent quality while effectively controlling costs and pricing.


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